Athas! Pens


An ultra-classy reinterpretation of the iconic Bic pen (and a functional version of Tobias Wong and Ju$t Another Rich Kid's pendant), Athas! steel, brass, silver and gold pens are a stylish configuration of the original plastic design.

Each of the high-meets-low pens are signed and numbered and available for engraving, making them the perfect gift for any writer or ballpoint fanatic. Ever the homage, Athas! even kept the Bic pen base, so refilling the ink is a cinch.

The culmination of skilled craftsmanship and adoration for an ubiquitous product found in our daily lives, Athas! pens are as pleasing to the hand as they are to your eye.

The pens are available for purchase on the Athas! website . Prices vary from R$260-411 (about $122-193).