Short tattoo stories illustrated by Swiss creative lab Happypets


At a moment when tattoos are so common that even full sleeves rarely trigger a second look from passersby, a new large-format ‘zine called “Ink” captures the current shift in permanent art appreciation. The output of publishers KesselsKramer in collaboration with Swiss designers, HappyPets, the limited-edition book shares insight through fictional short stories on why people choose to permanently mark their body.


Often unusual or hilarious, the stories are as diverse as the tattoos themselves. From the world’s most precise tattoo artist to the drug-fueled Southeast Asian holiday tattoo, each story is the creation of an emerging writer (including a few from KesselsKramers itself) and is accompanied by a one-off illustration from Happypets.

The 250-copy run sells online from Bruil & van de Staaij for $80 and ships internationally.