M83: Temple Of Sorrow

To accompany the new song “Temple of Sorrow,” by M83 (aka French musician Anthony Gonzalez), a nine-minute film—part one of three, written and directed by Bertrand Mandico—takes viewers along the Nirvana Queen’s wild and mystical quest for autonomy. Mandico’s three-part story Extazus is inspired by music from Gonzalez’s upcoming instrumental album DSVII (set for release 20 September) and certainly reflects some of his inspirations: ’80s-era soundtracks from …

Listen Up

From indie-pop to samba-influenced hip-hop, a few of our favorite tracks from the week

Bakar: Hell N Back Supported by horns, Bakar’s soulful and vintage-sounding “Hell N Back” details a love story rocked by ups and downs. “Could you tell where my head was at when you found me? / Me and you went to hell and back just to find peace / Man, I thought I had everything, I was lonely / Now you’re my everything, I was …

Seb Zillner feat. Feux + Kalifornia Kurt: Wiley

Slow-burning and riddled with random accents, Glendale-based Seb Zillner’s “Wiley” taps Austrian producers Feux and Kalifornia Kurt for support. The result is a multi-faceted tune with electronic, funk, jazz and jam band influences. And while listeners don’t know where the track is heading next, or what instrument just chimed in, the element of surprise means the song is super-engaging and warrants repeat listens.