Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s “TECHS-MECHS” Re-Defines Innovation

At San Francisco's Gray Area, immersive and interactive artworks reclaim surveillance technology

One of the first oral contraceptives was created by Luis Miramontes in Mexico, a nation that’s home to a large number of innovative precedents. Evidence of climate change in the ozone layer, an electronic music synthesizer, virtual reality—all of these and more were first developed in Mexico, but many people in the Western World don’t perceive it as a nation with a high output of trailblazing …

Suchi Reddy’s Interactive “me + you” Sculpture Inside the Smithsonian Arts + Industries Building

The artist and architect's illuminating ode to hopes and dreams acts as the centerpiece of the profound FUTURES exhibition

A spectacular display of art and technology, artist and architect Suchi Reddy‘s “me + you” sculpture bursts with light, color and collective emotion in the central rotunda of the Smithsonian Institution Arts and Industries Building. The architecturally significant museum—which opened on the National Mall in Washington, DC in 1881—closed in 2004. It now reopens with an awe-inspiring exhibition called FUTURES, where Reddy’s work plays a pivotal …

A Dreamy Journey Through an Undulating Rainbow

Per La Mente explores the Oakland Museum of California invites viewers into a meditative technicolor wonderland

Sponsored by Per La Mente

Open the doors to the Oakland Museum of California (OMCA)’s Great Hall and you are enveloped in near-total darkness: a wide tunnel-like walkway with a pulsating color show glimmering on a screen at the opposite end. It’s a little daunting, this darkness, but then you notice the soft hum of ambient sound filling the space, a meditative force propelling you forward. So you walk to …