Oval Black/White Cutting Board

Helmed by Gabriel Fredericks Cohen and Jolie Mae Signorile, Fredericks & Mae is a design studio specializing in beautiful home objects that inspire the senses. Their oval, black and white cutting board is one such object. On food-safe plastic material, the board’s abstract, speckled black, grey and white sits between bright yellow handles. The dynamic design works as a serving platter, cheese plate or chopping …

4-Cup Decorated Storage: Star Wars Droids

Composed of Pyrex’s versatile high-quality tempered glass, this brand new Star Wars storage container features illustrations of several of the space saga’s beloved droids. It’s safe for dishwashers, freezers, microwaves, as well as pre-heated conventional and convection ovens—but oven use could lead to discoloration of the decoration. It comes complete with a purple BPA-free plastic lid.

Gift Guide: More Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products

Upgrades for your kitchen that are functional, design-forward and kinder to the environment

While it’s crucial to shift much of the onus from consumers to big brands and the government regarding sustainability, we can all do better. (For example, while the US is only recycling some 9% of plastics, we can also try to use less.) And the kitchen—whether at home or work—is one space where we can reduce waste while also using more eco-friendly products. From reusable …