Malle W. Trousseau’s Oyster Kit

Shuck shells like a professional with the celebrated French company's stylish equipment


Anyone who’s played the role of an oyster shucker can understand the difficulties these little saltwater delicacies can inflict on even the most burly of hands. This holiday season, Malle W. Trousseau is set to release a must-have for any oyster enthusiast looking to ease the process of shucking. The celebrated French cookware company’s oyster kit comprises a leather hand shield and a high-quality iron blade shucker. The hand protection (suited for both the right or left hand) has been designed to cover the surface of the hand and guarantees better coverage than gloves, and is much more attractive than rubber or chainmail. The steel knife is made in Thiers, France—which is world-renowned for its blade and knife crafting (where the famous Laguiole knives are made)—and comes complete with a rosewood handle. The kit also comes with detailed how-to directions for neophyte oyster-openers.


Created by Isabelle Mathez, Malle W. Trousseau is synonymous with beautiful and functional utensils. A typical example of French “art de vivre,” the company believes cooking and eating should be an art and pleasure. As Mathez says, “If our ancestors didn’t die by starving, it is because they discovered the pleasure of cooking.” The best part of this hedonistic experience is linked to the quality of the material of which the equipment is made, and Mathez’s approach—digging into French cooking traditions to revisit grandmothers’ (and great-grandmothers’) country know-how and practices—means the products are a delightful blend of history, functionality and contemporary design.

The oyster kit is currently available through the Edwin Pelser online boutique for $70, and will be up for grabs at more stores as the season continues.

Images courtesy of Malle W. Trousseau