La Marzocco Home

The Italian espresso machine company now offers their GS3 professional-grade model for home use


Making your own espresso just got serious: Florence-based La Marzocco has recently made their professional-grade espresso machines (previously only available for commercial use) for the home. La Marzocco Home offers customizable GS3 espresso machines including both auto-volumetric and manual paddle models. Several design features include choice of glass side panels, maple and walnut accents and cool-touch padding for the steam wand.

La Marzocco’s goal with the at-home program is to make sure coffee enthusiasts are actually empowered to make espresso drinks in their kitchen—not just stare at their new toy. In addition to buying a GS3, a few necessary items will round out a home espresso bar set-up. “The most important thing you need to get after the espresso machine is a grinder,” explains Scott Callender, Director of La Marzocco Home. “A good grinder is able to grind coffee into a very fine powder which provides the amount of resistance necessary for a proper espresso extraction.”


When asked if he feels that these GS3s making their way into homes around the world will inspire some underground espresso bars, Callender replies, “It’s very possible. Speakeasy coffee could totally be a trend in 2015. As a matter of fact, an employee of La Marzocco Home was one of the first to purchase a GS3 when it was released in 2008. He ended up serving espresso out of his kitchen window in a small town in Napa Valley for three years. When he woke up in the morning, he had 25 people waiting outside of his house for coffee.”

La Marzocco‘s GS3 base model starts at $6,900.

Images courtesy of La Marzocco