CH Omakase 2016: Ember Mug

Control the temperature of your coffee or tea with this app-connected item

By Nat Livingstone Johnson

A few degrees makes a big difference in the flavor and pleasure of your morning beverage, plus nobody wants to discard a coffee but when the last few sips are cold and stale, there’s no avoiding it. With the CH Omakase Ember Mug this ceases to be an issue. The app-connected mug maintains temperature for two hours when on the go, or indefinitely when it’s connected to its USB charging platform. Ember Tech allows control over the mug through a dedicated Android, iOS or Apple smartwatch app—which, aside from temperature moderation, allows you to build preset profiles for different drinks. You can also adjust the temperature simply by rotating the mug’s base. Created by LA-based inventor Clayton Alexander, it’s the most advanced temperature-controlling mug on the market right now.

The Ember Mug certainly doesn’t lack from a design perspective either, it’s a modern take but still bares attributes that have long benefitted travel mugs. For example, there’s a 360-degree leak-proof lid that opens with a push and allows for sipping from any side—it also gives the illusion of drinking from a ceramic mug. A contoured shoulder makes for easy gripping. And a stainless steel inner vessel keeps the contents and their temperature away from hands. Further, the temperature of the liquid is also showcased directly on the mug in a hidden-tilt display. Despite all its high-tech features, the mug is easy to wash too.

Why, though, would a mug need space-grade thermal insulation? It comes down to facts. The average serving temperature for coffee is scaling (as 160 degrees F). Our ideal drinking temperature is 35 degrees less. The eight inch tall Ember Mug rapidly cools up to 12 fluid ounces to the ideal, and then sustains it for hours. It’s an innovative development regarding everyone’s most common morning routine.

Early access to the Ember Mug was part of CH Omakase 2016, but they are available for purchase online now at Ember Tech for $150 (take note they are back-ordered until January 2017). For early access to products next year, reserve your CH Omakase box now.

Images courtesy of Ember