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Catch-all bowls crafted from flexible cork fabric

AdjustABowl-Cork1.jpg AdjustABowl-Cork2.jpg

Not just for wine stoppers and bulletin boards anymore, cork’s applications are practically limitless. Case in point, the Adjust-a-Bowl has a leather-like texture that’s perfect for organizing everything from veggies (it’s naturally anti-microbial and stain resistant) to magazines or keys. The material lends tactile appeal too; it’s warm, smooth to the touch and extremely pliable.

Though hard to believe, the handmade containers get this ideal balance of form and function from 100% all-natural cork fabric. The double-layer construction ensures that they’ll keep their shape—so though it has the flexibility of a paper bag at first glance, it’s nowhere near as flimsy, standing up to folding and washing machines.

The round version of the Adjust-a-Bowl is available online in two sizes, medium for $34 or large for $48 and comes in rectangle form for $38.