Handy sleeves make perfect toaster sandwiches without the mess


A game-changing food invention that just about rivals sliced bread, ToastaBags provides a mess-free method for making a sandwich toasted to perfection. This child-friendly product is ideal for those with an affinity for sandwiches that ooze with melted cheese—a liking shared by ToastaBags’ maker, Boska Holland, which has been “exploring cheese” since 1896.

Preparing a toasty is as simple as dropping a sandwich stacked with your favorite ingredients into a ToastaBag and placing the bag in the toaster. The fine mesh allows for crispness while catching any drips. When it’s done, you can easily remove the bag without burning your fingers and clean up is a cinch too. You can throw them in the dishwasher or wash by hand with warm water about 50 times before they’re no longer reusable. For those truly committed to toasty sandwiches, the bags are worlds more convenient than having to house an extra appliance.

ToastaBags-Boska1.jpg ToastaBags-Boska2.jpg

Get your Boska Holland’s ToastaBags from the Cheese Fondue Shop for around $8, available in a packet of three.