The 2020 Lexus Design Award’s Winner: Bell Tower’s “Open Source Communities”

The Kenya-based team's winning entry aims to empower communities

Launched in 2013, the Lexus Design Award celebrates innovations by emerging designers from all over the world. This year’s call to “Design for a Better Tomorrow” fielded responses from 79 countries. Finalists included proposals for a “breathing cloud,” a life jacket that can attach to others to form a raft, a sewing machine for the visually impaired, a portable body washer and more. The grand prix …

The Lexus Design Award’s 2020 Finalists

Six innovations offer solutions for problems that include air pollution, visual impairment, flooding and more

Now in its eighth year, the Lexus Design Award honors innovators around the world who formulate clever solutions for everyday challenges. This year’s theme “Design for a Better Tomorrow” prompted applicants “to envision solutions to 21st-century challenges that anticipate, innovate and captivate.” Narrowing the field from more than 2,000 submissions to just six finalists is never an easy process, but this year’s group (from Kenya, …

Lexus Design Award 2019: The Finalists

Digging into innovations that could change our world for the better

Presented in partnership with Lexus

The six finalists for this year’s Lexus Design Award, presented during Milan Design Week, might have been the most impressive group yet. While only one was selected as winner (Lisa Marks‘ work on bringing algorithms into the design of patterns for hand-laced, custom-fit garments), all of them showed real-world potential and used creative problem solving on pressing issues. Each of these designers—Rezzan Hasoglu, Jeffrey E. …