Milan Design Week 2018: Lexus Pavilion

A magical installation from the car company, in its 11th year at the event

Presented by Lexus

While exploring the countless exhibits on show during Milan Design Week, the Lexus pavilion offered an immersive experience that was well worth the visit. The otherworldly space, designed by Japanese architect Sota Ichikawa of dNA (double Negatives Architecture) acted as quite a journey for visitors—moving from indoors to outdoors and back again. Eventually the pavilion culminated with an ethereal experience that inspired visitors to explore the Lexus Design Award concepts and products.

With the theme of “LIMITLESS CO-EXISTENCE,” Ichikawa blended tech and nature by having visitors walk through an outdoor space over speakers that emitted a “whooshing” sound; enticing people to following along. That “CO-” vibe continued inside. With “CO-” coming from the Latin prefix meaning togetherness or harmony, Ichikawa and Altatto worked together to create an experience that felt natural, despite how magical it was. Altatto (aka Giulia Scialanga, Sara Nicolosi and Cinzia De Lauri) obsesses over creating vegetarian and vegan food that’s high-quality and beautiful. It was in the “Prepare Your Senses” area that their bergamot lollipops were available. With a shimmery black outer layer, the sweet treats became clear as they were eaten. The contrasting colors worked in harmony and carried through the transitional feeling of the entire experience.

Harnessing the concept of limitless co-existence—where nobody is left out or alone—Ichikawa’s light installation made viewers feel like the center of the world but part of something immense. The “BELIEVE IN LIMITLESS” room felt like being in space with a ceiling of clear filaments hit by projected light slowly moving up and down to create a breathing universe overhead. Offering a meditative reprieve during the open hours of the exhibition, the light effects also created a fitting atmosphere for the various events catered with Altatto’s unique creations.

Images courtesy of Lexus