Milan Design Week 2018: Yael Reboh’s “Primavera”

The Israeli designer's chair was one of our favorite Lexus Design Award finalists this year

Presented by Lexus

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From some 1300+ entries, just 12 finalists were chosen in the prestigious Lexus Design Award this year. While each and every one has its own merits—be it environmentally sound, tech-forward, or simply beautiful—one of our favorites for the 2018 iteration is Yael Reboh‘s gorgeous and thoughtful “Primavera” project. On display during Milan Design Week, the armchair began as a research project, yet quickly became an intriguing design piece itself.

Layer upon layer of veneer and fabric combine (gradually increasing the amount of the latter) in order to create a chair form, the shape curving naturally and ending with the frayed ends of the material—functional arm rests in addition to an explosive aesthetic touch. The tactile nature of the frayed fabric creates a distinct, comforting sensation for the lucky person taking some time out in the armchair.

The fusion of various materials, styles and textures works in order to make a design piece that is at once contrary and harmonious—thus encompassing the 2018 theme for the Lexus Design Award: “CO-” (as in the Latin prefix meaning “with” or “together.”) While the fabric is soft, the veneer is hard. The two combine beautifully.

Perhaps equally fascinating is the Israeli designer’s process in which Reboh wanted to explore the ways in which each material kept its own unique properties, yet also were altered when combined with others. Ultimately, an effective compositional exploration—and beautiful, too.

Be sure to take a look at more process images in the slideshow above.

Images courtesy of Yael Reboh