Radical Love at NYC’s Ford Gallery

We speak with curators Jaishri Abichandani and Natasha Becker about their second exhibition in the series

The Ford Foundation‘s Radical Love exhibition, housed in their new NYC gallery space, brings together a cohesive message that represents several facets of what both love and being together mean. This group show of 23 artists aims to meld together and create a cohesively inclusive message that showcases the multiplicities that love embodies. In this honest representation, narratives of violence, trauma, and loss communicate the strong …

serpentwithfeet: bless ur heart (acoustic)

Brooklyn-based artist serpentwithfeet (aka Josiah Wise) breathes new life into “bless ur heart” with a just-released acoustic rendition. From Wise’s LP soil, the original and highly theatrical track sheds its layers as Wise lets his delicate vocals rise in a tender, moving and transcendent way.

LOEWE’s Limited Edition David Wojnarowicz Collaboration for Visual Aids

Work from the iconic artist and activist graces a small T-shirt collection

The medium for output morphed frequently with artist and activist David Wojnarowicz. As an artist, he cast powerful messages of action, change and outlying through his photos, paintings, films, performances and more. While his activism (both connected to and extending beyond his art) drew critical awareness to AIDs and HIV. To honor the beloved artist (who passed away in 1992) and to raise money in …