Obello Table Lamp

Bill Curry originally created the iconic Obello Table Lamp in 1971 and its curvy, space-age, mushroom-esque shape has charmed ever since. This year GUBI reintroduced the piece, to the delight of design enthusiasts everywhere. With a frosted glass shade (as the original had) this new iteration is rechargeable and can be moved around the house or garden easily. There’s an integrated dimmable LED light within …

Fertility Form Illuminated Sculpture

Straddling the line between fine art and functional design, Rogan Gregory’s Fertility Form illuminated sculptures make abstract reference to the organic shapes found in steps toward the creation of life—from sexual intercourse to the fertilization of cells and more. Gregory transforms this inspiration into branching, custom-made light fixtures crafted from gypsum. Price is available upon request.

Alphabeta Floor Lamp

Designed by Luca Nichetto for lighting and furniture brand Hem, the slender, angled Alphabeta Floor Lamp is offered in eight different shade shapes as well as an array of powder-coated colors—amounting to 1024 possible variations. The lamp delivers bidirectional rays, with an ambient half paired with a spotlight on the other side. The light’s modular turned-steel shade is produced in Italy.