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Hannah Jadagu: Warning Sign

At first, “Warning Sign,” the latest single from Hannah Jadagu’s forthcoming debut album, Aperture, sounds sparse and soft, but then it transforms with surprising instrumentation. Abrupt percussion, gentle keys and spatial strings turn …

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Regina Spektor: Up the Mountain

A waterfall of visceral description and urgent feeling that cascades like an unsolvable riddle, Regina Spektor’s theatrical new single, “Up the Mountain,” is a collision of energy, sound and style. Part orchestral, part …

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Regina Spektor: Becoming All Alone

Accompanying the announcement of Regina Spektor’s eighth album, Home, before and after, out 24 June, the lead single “Becoming All Alone” begins beautifully then blossoms into a grand, orchestral soundscape that buoys …

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Whethan feat. Opia: Aftertaste

With substantial periods of minimal instrumentation strung through with deep, soulful vocals, “Aftertaste” by Whethan, and featuring Opia, unfolds again and again. The track reflects continued developments from producer (and DJ) Whethan, …

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AG Cook: Superstar

PC Music fans have been waiting for the official version of “Superstar” to release since RBMA Festival New York last May, when subversive pop producer AG Cook performed it live—on a grand …