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DORA: Te Vas

Sung in Spanish and English, DORA’s “Te Vas” is a summery tune from the 18-year-old Madrid-based artist. The breezy track, produced by Pional (who has worked with The xx and Empress Of), follows …

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Hoy Se Ensaya Hamlet

New Yorkers have long had the summertime privilege of Shakespeare In the Park, but only recently have Madrileños caught on. Like NYC, the city of Madrid boasts an abundance of independent theater, …

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Cesar Fernandez Arias

"You have to be understood by every kid in the classroom including the dunce, not only by the smart ones." Cesar Fernandez Arias' principles of simplicity make for powerful art in multiple …

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Summercase 2007

Sunshine, blue skies, sand, sea and waves—sound waves that is— are all elements of summers in Barcelona, the epicenter of summer music festivals. This past weekend the city danced to the happy …