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Tree Juice

Pure Maple Syrup


Catskills-based Tree Juice Maple Syrup not only makes traditional, 100% pure maple syrup but also various infused and flavored iterations including zesty lemon and bourbon barrel-aged. Available in two-ounce bottles up to …

Haven's Kitchen

Breakfast Tote


Tucked inside a Haven’s Kitchen Tote Bag are the essentials for a delicious breakfast—ingredients for buckwheat pancakes to be topped with the Amber Syrup from Frontier Maple Sugarworks, plus La Colombe Coffee and …

Trees Knees Coffee Maple


Bottled in Brooklyn, Trees Knees Coffee Maple (syrup) is what happens when organic Grade A maple syrup gets a Stumptown Coffee Roasters Hair Bender Blend infusion. There’s a delectable richness that can …

Canadian Maple Rye Whisky


So much about Tap 357 Canadian Maple Rye Whisky works, making it a superb example of the possibilities of flavored whiskies. It’s tasty, high proof, reasonably priced and it mixes well into …

Maple Sugar Cube


Maple syrup enthusiasts are all too aware of how messy and sticky the sweet condiment can be. But most will be thrilled to find out about Tonewood’s solid brick of maple syrup. …

Vermont Dark Maple Syrup


Skye Chalmers and Tina Hartell—the duo behind Bobo’s Mountain Sugar—refuse to cut corners when it comes to their Vermont Dark Maple Syrup. Each spring, they harvest sap from roughly 2,500 trees, boiling …