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UnTapped: Maple Syrup for Athletes

All-natural, slow-burning energy that’s packed with vitamins and minerals

Anyone who has run a marathon, headed into the backcountry or saddled up for a 100-mile day on the bike knows there are some pretty suspect-tasting nutritional options out there. While getting the vitamins and nutrients one needs to maintain performance is essential, a tasty delivery method can do a lot to boost morale when the rain is falling and you’re miles from home. Vermont-based UnTapped is all-natural, unprocessed maple syrup in its simplest form, packaged specially for easy access and storage for endurance sports. UnTapped was born out of a partnership between pro cyclist (and maple syrup devotee) Ted King and Vermont’s Slopeside Syrup. As it turns out, the natural food is good for more than just sloshing over pancakes. Thanks to its lower glycemic index, the energy is burned slowly and more evenly over time, meaning your levels won’t spike then crash. Plus maple syrup naturally contains electrolytes, antioxidants, potassium, manganese, iron, calcium, and zinc—all straight out of the tree with no additives.

Pick up five sport-ready Untapped packets for just $10 via the brand’s webstore.

Images courtesy of UnTapped


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