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Ultraboost DNA + Marimekko Sneakers


Beloved Finnish apparel, homeware and textile brand Marimekko has teamed up with adidas for a vast collection of workout gear and everyday clothing. From swimsuits to sneakers, each item features Marimekko’s trademark …


Unikko Duvet Cover


In 1964 Marimekko launched trademark Unikko print, after the company’s founder declared they would never produce a floral print. Designer Maija Isola rebelled and the now-familiar poppy print was born. This duvet cover—in beige, ecru …

Hauki Oven Mitten


Even an oven mitt deserves to be beautiful, and Marimekko does a mighty fine job of accesorizing a design-focused cooktop area with this kitchen glove featuring a majestic fish.

Marimekko Mr Roes


Designer Kirsty Anderson creates a wood nymph’s fantasy world with her repurposed fabric-covered vintage pieces. Having scooped up a bounty of Marimekko fabric in Helsinki, she introduces the diminutive Mr Roe, a …

Valssi Necklace


Scandinavian design house Marimekko, known for original prints and a geometric approach to shape and color, created the Valssi necklace in homage to dances at traditional Finnish summer parties (Valssi means waltz …

Ujo Slippers


Slide into Marimekko’s striped terry slippers after a relaxing bath to quickly dry your feet while providing them with a little cushion when padding around the house. Designed by Fujiwo Ishimoto, the …