Four Creative Clocks to Spring Forward

Keep an eye on extra sunlight hours and add some unique style to your home or office

Daylight saving time, as we know it, is thanks in large part to one man in New Zealand who wanted a bit of extra daylight for his hobbies. George Vernon Hudson worked as a clerk at the Wellington post office, but his passion was in entomology, astronomy and exploration. Thanks to Hudson’s passion for following his interests, much of Western Europe, North America, New Zealand …

Huck Magazine: Paddle Against The Flow

A selection of creative wisdom courtesy of some of today's foremost thinkers and doers from Sofia Coppola to Mark Gonzales

Drawing on its decade-long history covering a broad range of counterculture, London-based Huck Magazine recently took stock of the greatest nuggets of wisdom from leading wave-makers who have graced the publication’s pages. The result is “Paddle Against The Flow,” a 152-page hardcover packed with insightful and inspirational creative acumen from some of indie culture’s most influential figures. In a decade rife with economic insecurity, there’s …

Non Stop Poetry: The Zines of Mark Gonzales

Published by Printed Matter, “Non Stop Poetry: The Zines of Mark Gonzales” chronicles the skateboard legend’s extensive artwork from the over 145 zines he created, starting as far back as the early ’90s. With contributions from the likes of Harmony Korine and Tom Sachs, the highly visual hardcover is extremely limited and one not to miss.