Four Creative Clocks to Spring Forward

Keep an eye on extra sunlight hours and add some unique style to your home or office

Daylight saving time, as we know it, is thanks in large part to one man in New Zealand who wanted a bit of extra daylight for his hobbies. George Vernon Hudson worked as a clerk at the Wellington post office, but his passion was in entomology, astronomy and exploration. Thanks to Hudson’s passion for following his interests, much of Western Europe, North America, New Zealand and part of Australia now have some extra sunlight in their days. To celebrate naturally lit leisure time, we sought out inventive clocks for the home or office to make sure we don’t burn any daylight this spring.


Mark Gonzales + Second Lab

Godfather of street skateboarding Mark Gonzales has had an equally successful career as an artist. His lighthearted illustration style has won legions of fans from beyond the realm of skateboarding and is particularly popular in Japan. Channeling vintage Americana as a key influence, Japan-based home goods maker Second Lab partnered with The Gonz for a capsule collection including a cushion, rugs and an outstanding wall clock. Sure to bring a bit of life to any room, The Gonz Clock sells for $98.


Marble Wall Clock by Norm Architects

With the aim of restoring the elegance and dignity to the wall clock (no offense, smartwatches), Copenhagen-based Norm Architects put materials first in their regal Marble Wall Clock. A fine marble face and simple brass lacquered hands are all you’ll find on this 11.8” diameter wall piece that simultaneous evokes mid-century modern nostalgia and contemporary cutting-edge minimalism. This clock brings texture and a dose of upscale style. Pick up the Marble Wall Clock in black, green or white from Dwell for $270.


Blank Wall Clock by Alessi

Italian homeware maker Alessi is known for its creative, modernist approach to everyday items. With the Blank Wall Clock, the design-forward company puts creativity in the hands of the owner. Write a new word for each hour with verbs on the clock hands to make new sentences for each time of the day. Or, do whatever you wish. Spanish designer Martí Guixé employed his love for and fascination with typography for the piece. Guixé is known for his post-designer approach which encourages interaction with items and creating avenues for objects to evolve uniquely with users and use. Surely, the Blank Wall Clock will look different wherever it hangs. The Blank Wall Clock starts at $170 from Alessi.


Font Clock by Sebastian Wrong

Sebastian Wrong‘s reputation for balancing creativity with paying homage to those who designed before him is well-known. The British designer has influenced a variety of spaces from food to font and it’s the latter that he draws on for his clock produced in collaboration with London-based Established & Sons. The Font Clock makes use of the classic flip and form mechanical mechanism in traditional calendar clock design. Wrong employs 12 fonts in his design as time passes, and the clock changes fonts. Internal parts come from Grayson, a company whose timekeeping clients include the London Stock Exchange. So while the fonts might be unexpected, the accuracy of the clock never is. The Font Clock
is available in three sizes from HAUS where the medium version goes for $1299.

Images courtesy of respective designers