Huck Magazine: Paddle Against The Flow

A selection of creative wisdom courtesy of some of today's foremost thinkers and doers from Sofia Coppola to Mark Gonzales


Drawing on its decade-long history covering a broad range of counterculture, London-based Huck Magazine recently took stock of the greatest nuggets of wisdom from leading wave-makers who have graced the publication’s pages. The result is “Paddle Against The Flow,” a 152-page hardcover packed with insightful and inspirational creative acumen from some of indie culture’s most influential figures. In a decade rife with economic insecurity, there’s a running theme that—put simply—amounts to: if the existing pathway doesn’t suit your needs, pave your own.


One of the book’s greatest merits is the diversity of creatives featured. Huck itself covers everything from skateboarding to social change to film, so it’s no surprise that leading names in a variety of fields come up. Highly influential skateboarder and artist Mark Gonzales lends advice alongside NYC hip-hop legend Nas. Meanwhile Ai Weiwei delivers his dissident perspective to creativity.

Hitting bookstores 3 March 2015, “Paddle Against the Flow” will be available in hardcover via Huck and Amazon for £10.

Images courtesy of Huck Magazine