“Ten Years of Monster Children”

The quarterly that blends art, culture and lifestyle sports celebrates a decade with a collectable hardcover


Getting to 10 years in the print game is no small feat these days. With the internet taking over the bulk of our content consumption, there’s something to be said for those still taking it to the printers. Founded in Sydney, Australia, the now-global quarterly magazine Monster Children is celebrating a decade in publishing with an ultra-luxe book with original interviews, retrospectives and some of the publication’s best (or at least the editors’ favorite) photography and artwork from past issues featuring the likes of Ari Marcopoulos, Mark Gonzales and graphic artist Jamie Hewlett of Gorillaz fame.


Part of Monster Children’s continued appeal is its unique blending of board culture with art and design. Far from a glossy skate, surf or snowboard magazine, yet not a purebred art journal, Monster Children perhaps best covers a lifestyle rather than any one particular category. “I think the magazines that cover a broader range of interests will outlive those that don’t,” says Editor-in-Chief Jason Crombie, “I mean, Cat Fancy will always flourish—people are crazy about cats. But if you’re a magazine that focuses solely on, say, fashion? Your days might be numbered.”


The book features sections similar to an issue of the magazine, with various sections dedicated to general fine arts photography, the female form (usually NSFW, but always tasteful), art, interviews and—last, but not least—some of the finest, most artistic action shots from the boardsports world. Getting lost in the book is easy, with enough familiar names and faces for people from all backgrounds to find something to relate to. Interviews with previous editors-in-chief (Crombie came on as editor in 2012) provide interesting insights into taking a print magazine through both an economic recession and the digital age, and coming out triumphant. A book as much about a magazine as it is an authentic snapshot of the contemporary, creative boardsports lifestyle, Monster Children’s 10 year anniversary gift to the world is one that belongs on any subculture devotee’s bookshelf.


“Ten Years of Monster Children,” complete with stickers, a poster and 295 pages of art, photography and interviews from the magazine’s history is available online for $60. Check out Monster Children for the book, magazines and daily articles; or pick up the latest issue at finer bookstores and retailers worldwide.

Photos by Hans Aschim