Dichroic Table

From acclaimed architect and interior designer Lauren Rottet’s eponymous line of home furnishings, Rottet Collection, comes the mesmerizing Dichroic Table. Inspired by the Light and Space artist movement of the ’60s, the end table pairs dichroic glass with stainless steel to fashion an ever-changing piece that colorfully converses with its surroundings. The dynamic table measures 18.5 by 17.5 by 19 inches.

Round Mirror

Beloved for his creative and bold use of color, Italian artist, architect and designer Gaetano Pesce has a particular fondness for viscous materials like resin. Created by Pesce for Fish Design, this large round mirror is handmade in Italy so each one will be slightly different. The two-tone object is practical but playful, and lends a little whimsy to the space in which it’s hung.

Fringe Mirror

Made by Iowa-based Candice Luter, this Fringe Mirror exudes playful sophistication. Crafted from brass, fringing and an arch-shaped mirror, it’s part practical piece and part room accent. With options for mirror tints (standard, smoke or bronze) and fringe options (ivory, black, block color or even custom hues), there are plenty of options with one certain to enhance your current decor.