Cristian Reyes Studio Taco Mirror

A wall mirror with single hanger focuses on the simple beauty of concentric circles

Cristian-Reyes-Taco-1.jpg Cristian-Reyes-Taco-2.jpg

When we last caught up with Spanish industrial designer Cristian Reyes he had just introduced the Giros Table, a beautiful example of purpose-driven design. And now, we see another aesthetically fun and functional piece for the home, the Taco wall mirror. While we’re slightly disappointed it doesn’t in fact take the shape of a taco, the geometric design does well to show the elegance of simplicity and the curved line when used in concentric circles.

Made of compact wood and lacquered in a range of striking, customizable colors, the circular mirror features a single cork peg in its center to act as a hanger, thus doubling the object’s purpose. While still in the conceptual phase—production date to be announced—the Taco mirror can be found online from Cristian Reyes. Contact the studio directly for more information.

Images courtesy of Cristian Reyes