The Ricky Bag with Light

Ralph Lauren brings their classic Ricky Bag into the future with the addition of four discreet LED lights (which activate when it’s opened) and an integrated USB port to charge your phone on the go. This bag, and its Bentley-like features, are the epitome of modern luxury.

C35 Rose Gold Watch

Uniform Wares timepieces boast a clean, refined aesthetic that are as sophisticated on the exterior as they are on the inside. Their high-calibre, C35 rose gold watch features Swiss-made Ronda movement, four jewels, sapphire crystal and choice of stylish strap.

Javi Design Letterbox

The Australian designer brings a sophisticated, minimal style to personal correspondence

While many take careful consideration when choosing a mailbox, finer details are more often than not an afterthought, with most mailboxes conforming to a uniform design that serves a basic function. But if the front door acts as the first impression for the home, then why does the letterbox come post-thought? That is exactly the question that Lee Rodezno of Javi Design sought to address …