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Lug Von Siga 2013 F/W Collection

Designer Gül Agiş addresses controversial social issues with traditional Turkish symbols and striking imagery


After eight years in advertising, Turkish designer Gül Agiş switched gears and returned to school, studying fashion first in Istanbul and then in Milan, where she received a masters degree from the revered Politecnico di Milano. Her talents caught the eye of C’N’C Costume National, and she worked there for several years before returning home to set up her own line, Lug Von Siga. Agiş has built a name for herself with collections based on essentials, keeping to clean cuts, neutral tones and feminine silhouettes. Now in its fifth season, Agiş’s latest collection begins to explore a more decorative side, with an elegant combination of technical construction with traditional Turkish styling.

Lug-Von-Siga-2.jpg Lug-Von-Siga-3.jpg

“My Tears Are My Witness” is the main theme of the collection, where style, anthropology and social issues come together. The collection makes a direct reference to women who, in some regions of Turkey, are forced to get married with older men, in turn losing their own future and the possibility to dream.

Lug-Von-Siga-5.jpg Lug-Von-Siga-4.jpg

While approaching this strong and controversial reality, the clothes show an intricate yet clear combination of textures, like the Anatolian symbols hidden in traditional carpet patterns. The shapes are incredibly modern and define an almost imaginary feminine body, full of extreme curves.

Lug-Von-Siga-7.jpg Lug-Von-Siga-6.jpg

Shown here for the first time, the press campaign underlines these cultural and visual extremes thanks to the dramatic pictures shot by Ayten Alpün, and styled by Hakan Öztürk. The upshot are highly narrative and intensely evocative images reminiscent of innovative artistic movements like Expressionism and Surrealism.


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