Knoll Textiles 1945-2010

A comprehensive study detailing the past 65 years of superlative material design


Known as one of the world’s leading modern furniture design companies, Knoll has employed the likes of Mies van der Rohe, Eero Saarinen and other leading designers in its postwar production periods. Although less recognized, Knoll Textiles has played an essential role in Knoll’s success and widespread influence since day one. As the title suggests, Knoll Textiles 1945-2010 celebrates 65 years of premium textile design.


Reflecting the mid-century Modernist movement, Knoll Textiles prioritized color and texture as primary design elements, unlike any other company of the time. The book shows patterns created through the years in extreme detail, documented period by period. With insightful showroom, fabric swatch and furniture photographs, as well as sketches and illustrations, every page of this encyclopedia has something to teach the reader.


The latter portion of the massive book is dedicated to the stories of 84 designers known to have created for Knoll Textiles since 1942. Important for its contribution to modern design history, the detailed biographies contain previously unpublished and enlightening information on each designer, including design contribution and career timelines.


Recently released, Knoll Textiles 1945-2010 is available through its publisher Amazon, at a base price of $75.