Link About It: This Week’s Picks

An ever-growing list of Black-owned restaurants, Palm Springs' virtual Modernism Week, Cheech Marin's museum and more from the week

Farewell to Iconic Photographer Ricky Powell Ricky Powell—often referred to as “the fourth Beastie Boy”—passed away in NYC yesterday, aged 59. Best known for capturing images of the city’s downtown music and arts scenes (and for his quick wit), Powell had an instinctual approach that resulted in artistic, sharp and adept images. Born and raised in NYC, Powell began shooting in the mid-’80s and since …

Architectural Digest’s Favorite Buildings in Each US State

From the Frederick R Weisman Art Museum in Minneapolis to the Cabell County Courthouse in Huntington, West Virginia, Architectural Digest’s list of the best-designed buildings in each US state recognizes internationally acclaimed architecture and unknown gems alike. There are houses designed by former presidents, forward-thinking designs from the early 2000s, Pritzker Prize-winning health clinics and much more. Peruse the full list at Architectural Digest.

Airbnb Alternative for Architecture Enthusiasts

An Airbnb alternative for design and architecture enthusiasts, PlansMatter allows customers to explore new cities and places while staying in stunning modernist homes. Founded by trained architects Connie Lindor and Scott Muellner, the company has listings on five continents. Some of their most beautiful residences include “Bjarne Mastenbroek and Christian Müller’s contemporary Dutch Villa Vals in Vals, Switzerland… and the Kinney House in Lancaster, Wisconsin, …