Roxette: Fading Like a Flower

Swedish singer/songwriter Marie Fredriksson, half of Roxette, has died after battling cancer for 17 years. Fredriksson began her musical career in Halmstad, as a member of various bands (including punk group Strul) before meeting Per Gessle who encouraged her to pursue a solo career—as he believed she was too talented to hide behind the keyboard. Just a few years later, in 1986, Gessle and Fredriksson …

Terrace Martin (feat. The Martin Family Trio): The Deuce

Led by LA-based saxophonist and producer (and frequent Kendrick Lamar and Kamasi Washington collaborator) Terrace Martin, “The Deuce” also features The Martin Family Trio—a group comprised of Martin himself, his father Curly, and Larry Goldings. The latter plays the organ, while Curly handles the drums. Together, they make “The Deuce” an effortless groove-laden instrumental that sails along flawlessly.

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From synth to soul, folk to falsetto and beyond, our favorite songs from the week

Kilo Kish: SPARK Digital and distorted, Kilo Kish’s “SPARK” proves catchy and enjoyably offbeat. Comprised of a glitchy, buzzing synth, the every-so-often output of a drum machine and Kish’s drawn out vocals, the single deviates from the artist’s recent releases, but does so in a way that feels natural. “This time, I really lost it / Don’t know where you are / Let’s hope I come …