Jenevieve: Baby Powder

The follow-up to Jenevieve’s debut track “Medallion,” the breezy “Baby Powder” incorporates plenty of influences—from ’80s and ’90s R&B to neo-soul, funk and disco. The song samples prolific Japanese singer/songwriter Anri’s “Last Summer Breeze” from 1982’s Heaven Beach and emulates its mellow but sultry vibe. With production by Jean Benz, this groove-laden and enthralling tune bodes well for Jenevieve’s future releases.

Listen Up

A glitzy house track, a sonic survey of our relationship with our phones, meditative storytelling from a Wu-Tang founding member, and more new music

RZA: Guided Explorations Rapper/producer RZA’s Guided Explorations consists of five episodes of meditations for creatives (along with an introduction). While the release of a guided meditation album may surprise some, the Wu-Tang founding member is dedicated to his Shaolin practice and meditation, and has explored spirituality through religion and philosophy (be it Taoism, Christianity, Confucianism or Buddhism). These meditations trace his own stories—from feeling isolated …

Feng Suave: Maybe Another Time

From Amsterdam-based Feng Suave (aka Daniël De Jong and Daniël Leonard Elvis), “Maybe Another Time” showcases the duo’s talent for soulful songwriting and sleek production. This 6/8-speed single (which has no chorus) melts into a psych-inflected tune that also harkens to the sound of soul groups from the past. The sweet, falsetto-laden track will appear on Feng Suave’s forthcoming second EP, Warping Youth, out 26 …