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Ben Hazlewood: Chemical Roulette

A danceable new release from Melbourne-based recording artist Ben Hazlewood, “Chemical Roulette” finds the singer testing his limits and questioning his capabilities. The catchy song comes complete with a color-soaked music video that teases out the track’s clever lyrics. Of the songs inception, Hazlewood shares, “I could argue it was all a highly scientific experiment to create new neurological pathways; to bend and mould my mind into a new way of thinking. Or, call it what it was; a bender of epic degree, one in which I was crushed, then rebuilt, shattered and swept up. I hit the basement floor of pain and the highest heights of happiness. Whatever way I justify this time in my life… Chemical roulette is a game just as dangerous as it’s Russian counterpart but far more fun, and with this celebratory song of survival as memento of the best parts.”

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