Organ Morgan: Figurehead

From London-based Organ Morgan (aka songwriter, musician and vocalist Harris McMillan, along with sonic collaborators Stefano Amoretti and Frank Wright) comes “Figurehead,” a lush indie-folk single composed of sparse beauty that pools into uplifting, emotion-rearing instrumentals. Mirroring the track’s atmosphere is an official video directed by Hal Hockney. “For the ‘Figurehead’ video I wanted to expand on the single/EP artwork and create a myth around ‘the pink lady.’ We drifted around the Isle of Sheppey on a delightfully dismal day gathering dubious ‘sightings’ of her—aiming to emulate the shaky footage of Bigfoot, Nessie and other creatures of fancy,” McMillan tells COOL HUNTING. “Paying tribute to the sometimes pitiful, sometimes enviable belief that something can be brought into existence by sheer force of will—in this way it felt right for the song. The Thames Estuary felt like it wanted a creature of folklore; hopefully we have planted a seed of doubt in that marshy mysterious land.”