Bilal: DAY THREE – Voyage to a New World

Across a sprawling six minutes, Bilal’s “DAY THREE – Voyage to a New World” features a slew of talented artists including Erykah Badu, Nick Hakim, Madison McFerrin, Robert Glasper and others. Opening with birdsong and Badu’s poetry, the tune begins as a kind of meditation before taking various twists and turns. Distorted vocals and chaotic percussion lead to a lush, soulful flute-laden melody that soon …

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Six tracks featuring seven talented women this week

Annie: Dark Hearts 11 years after Don’t Stop, Norwegian singer-songwriter, DJ and producer Annie (aka Annie Strand) plans to release her third full-length album in October. The record’s title track, “Dark Hearts,” explores family relationships and features Annie’s familiar saccharine vocals over a dark, pulsating, ’80s-inflected beat. She says in a statement that it relates to “the ongoing question of heredity and environment… If you …

Charlotte Day Wilson feat. Syd: Take Care of You

Talented Toronto-born vocalist Charlotte Day Wilson collaborates with The Internet founding member and vocalist Syd (aka Sydney Bennett) for the sultry “Take Care of You.” Syd adds an airy accent to Day Wilson’s deeper tones—which dip even lower on the distorted chorus. The track was released as the counterpart to “Summertime” and both were written and produced by Day Wilson.