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New tracks that borrow elements from '90s house, lo-fi R&B, neo-soul and more

Empress Of and Jim-E Stack: Turn The Table From Save Me by Empress Of (aka Lorely Rodriguez), “Turn The Table” with longtime collaborator Jim-E Stack has received a visual treatment by Jerome AB, shot in an abandoned building in Grand Cayman. In the rundown but tropical setting, the Honduran American singer, songwriter, musician and producer performs and dances alone—save for some multiples of herself, and a …

Zoe’s Shanghai: Stealing Me

From Barcelona-based four-piece Zoe’s Shanghai, “Stealing Me” is a shimmering, kaleidoscopic new track that blends jazz, neo-soul, warm percussion and floating vocals courtesy of lead singer Zoé Renié. The effect creates a complex and layered soundscape that simultaneously feels intuitive. From its opening groovy rhythm to its slowed-down, tender transition, the track is beautifully dizzying and lushly immersive.

Moonchild: I’ll Be Here

From LA-based trio Moonchild’s new album Starfruit, “I’ll Be Here” is a bubbly but languid love song, carried by Amber Navran’s jazzy vocals. Navran (who is also a musician, producer and songwriter) along with Max Bryk and Andris Mattson (who both play various instruments and contribute to programming and production) weave together elements of soul, R&B, jazz and more for the mellow track.