Birthh: Yello / Concrete

Newcomer Birthh (aka Florence-born Alice Bisi) marks her debut London show with a new song, “Yello / Concrete.” Blending folk, hip-hop, neo-soul and lo-fi, Birthh creates a pretty and distinct soundscape. The song ebbs and flows with gentle guitar, keys and laidback percussion, but it’s Bisi’s sweet speak-sing vocals that draw it all together.

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Our favorite tunes this week bounce from psychedelic and groovy to hypnotic and experimental

Steve Lacy: Playground Psychedelic and groovy, Steve Lacy’s “Playground” pays, both visually and sonically, homage to Prince—via merch, a ruffled shirt, and sparkling purple hues throughout. The track appears on Lacy’s debut solo album, Apollo XXI, and while previously best known as The Internet’s guitarist, he has certainly proved himself as a formidable solo artist. Produced by Kathleen Heffernan and Leah Younesi and directed by …

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From synth-pop to house and a Liz Phair cover, some of our favorite tracks from this week

Sudan Archives: Confessions Sudan Archives (aka Cincinnati-born, LA-based Brittney Parks) returns with a single from her forthcoming album Athena—out 1 November on Stones Throw Records. Beginning with emotive violin, played by Parks herself, the song’s infectious beat and breezy vocals then appear. The result is simultaneously symphonic, hypnotic, mellow and proudly feminine—and the Nathan R Smith-directed video follows suit. “Confessions, a female flip on classic rap …