Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Pulling water from the air, sending art to the moon, raising funds for people in Ukraine and more

New Low-Cost Material Can Pull Buckets of Drinking Water from the Air Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin developed a low-cost gel film that can pull multiple liters of drinking water from the air—even in arid conditions—and release it easily. The material is made up of two common and inexpensive ingredients: konjac gum and cellulose. The gum’s porous structure attracts water from the …

Ad-Tech Watchdog “Check My Ads” Fights Disinformation + Hate Speech

This non-profit is on a mission to empower the public by making ad-tech mechanisms more transparent

As one of the most alarming threats to public safety around the world, disinformation is a growing issue with violent consequences. From galvanizing the US Capitol Hill riot to inciting hate toward Asian people during the pandemic via “China Flu” rhetoric, disinformation (aka purposefully crafted, false narratives) perpetuates hate and bigotry. While people typically look to social media when pinpointing the source of fake news, …

Gold Tone Pearl Earrings

All profits from the sale of these statement-making earrings go to Space For Giants, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the vast landscapes that elephants depend on for survival. These earrings feature genuine freshwater pearls and gold uneven orbs that appear almost liquid. Each pair is handmade in Leigh Miller’s Los Angeles studio.