Link About It: This Week’s Picks

From gender neutral dolls, to racist AI, and giant inexplicable planets in our galaxy, our look around the web

Understanding the Bubbles at the Center of the Milky Way First spotted in the 1980s, a massive filament-like structure has been seen in the Milky Way some 100 times over the past 30+ years. With the supermassive black hole at its center, its “billowy lobes resemble the two halves of an hourglass” as they stretch out in opposite directions. Now, South Africa’s pioneering MeerKAT radio-telescope …

Bjarke Ingels Group’s “The Twist” Gallery Opens in Norway

Spiraling across the Randselva river in Norway’s Kistefos Sculpture Park, the BIG-designed Twist Museum functions three-fold: as a bridge, a gallery and an inhabitable sculpture. A functional jewel in the wooded expanse, located 43 miles outside of Oslo, the bridge turns the park’s path into a continuous loop. Outside, the straight aluminum panel hull reflects its surroundings. Inside, an “introverted vertical gallery” transitions into an …

Röyksopp: I Just Don’t Understand You

In Norwegian electronic group Röyksopp’s 20+ year career they’ve amassed plenty of rare and unfinished tracks—alongside the those that were released. The duo (aka Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland) made dozens of the aforementioned available on streaming platforms under a playlist titled Lost Tapes. “I Just Don’t Understand You,” expands as it plays—growing into an intergalactic arrangement of electronic notes, synths, strings and, eventually, vocals.