Camber Top Tool Box

Made is Osaka, Japan, this minimalist toolbox from Toyo Steel combines modern style with compact design to refine the ubiquitous household necessity. The sleek box, crafted with stainless steel, is the perfect size for storing handy tools, classic gadgets and miscellaneous gizmos. The toolbox comes in vibrant blue, red or black.

Touring Suntory’s Inventive Osaka Plant

Exclusive access to the home of Roku gin, Haku vodka and numerous other spirits

On the same insightful adventure that offered us access to Suntory‘s single malt whisky distilleries, we toured the brand’s mysterious Osaka plant. Unlike their other production centers, Osaka isn’t open to the public—and our access provided a unique perspective on meticulous development and execution, as well as an altogether spirited ethos. In Osaka, Suntory produces its Haku vodka, Roku gin and an array of Japan-only …

Two Affordable, Design-Friendly Moxy Hotels Open in Japan

Tokyo and Osaka welcome the rapidly expanding Marriott brand

You wake at 3AM. You don’t want to go back to sleep. You’re in Japan—now is not the time to stay in bed. You rise, dress and head to the elevator. It’s glass and offers a view of Osaka. You feel a bit of the outdoor weather, affirming your decision to be awake. You find yourself in the lobby and there, in your hotel, is …