Chris Rowthorn’s Inside Osaka Travel Guide

Carefully planned itineraries, insider tips and transportation recommendations

“Osaka is usually forgotten by people who rush to visit Tokyo and Kyoto,” longtime travel writer Chris Rowthorn explains to CH. “But it’s got a flavor all its own and it’s always a pleasant surprise to those who visit: it’s cheaper and more approachable than Tokyo, and less formal and stuffy than Kyoto.” With Japan high up on most travelers must-visit lists, recommendation services that balance both the obscure and wondrous with necessary landmarks provide the deepest insight. That’s what one will find with Rowthorn’s latest: Inside Osaka. The travel writer and editor (of dozens of Lonely Planet guides) and the creator of both Truly Tokyo and Inside Kyoto (where he has lived for over 20 years), shares substantial knowledge in easy-to-use itineraries and tangential recommendation lists.

As a team of frequent travelers, we ourselves have employed Rowthorn’s tips regarding excursions in Japan. With Osaka, the writer covers much ground. His itineraries range from one-day must-sees, to 10-day full-immersion experiences. Additional recommendations include restaurants, hotels, landmarks and more—with everything linked out to pages for booking. There’s also extensive travel guidance for those looking to arrive from Kyoto or Tokyo with all budgets taken into consideration. While no single guide should ever be one’s definitive experience in a new city (go out and explore!), Inside Osaka provides one of the most navigable launch-points for an adventure within the historic Japanese port city.

Images courtesy of Inside Osaka