Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Yoko Ono vs. menswear, drugged-up spider designers, the year's failures and more in our look at the web this week


1. Yoko Ono for Opening Ceremony

“Soooooo, this is actually, like, ‘art’ or something, isn’t it? No
fucking way Yoko Ono thinks she can break up The Beatles AND ruin menswear.” Read more of Jon Moy’s appropriate reaction to Ono’s new Opening Ceremony collection over at Four Pins.

2. Javier Riera’s Outdoor Light Projections

Spanish artist Javier Riera explores the relationship between nature and geometry through photography. By playing with different light projections, Riera is able to reveal the patterns hidden within the landscape and capture the resulting image.

3. Head in the Clouds

The winner of this year’s City of Dreams competition, “Head in the
Clouds” is a temporary structure made entirely of
recycled milk jugs and water bottles to be installed on NYC’s
Governer’s Island next summer. Designed by Studio Klimoski Chang
Architects, the structure will require 53,780 pieces of recycled
plastic—a number equal to the amount thrown away in NYC each hour.

4. NPR’s Music Wish List

A group of staff writers at NPR got together to come up with their ultimate, music-centric gift picks this
season. From fantastical requests like a new OutKast album to more
manageable things like swing lessons or the newly released Beatles box set on vinyl, the list is excellent for commiserating or finding inspiration.


5. Women of Punk

Relive all the sweaty concerts, skinny jeans and pink haircuts with Network Awesome’s Women of Punk video archive. Stacked with everything from video interviews with The Runaways to rare concert footage of The Slits and Bikini Kill, the collection includes a little something for every kind of fan.

6. Spiders on Drugs

To create his series of wire bowls, French designer Guillaume Lehoux interpreted data from a NASA experiment in which spiders under the influence of psychoactive substances wove trippy webs. Ranging from the chaotic (benzedrine) to the half-finished (marijuana), the spiders’ drug-addled tableware can still be used to hold everyday items.

7. The Least Influential People of 2012

In a polar opposite move to Time and their annual look at the most influential people this year, GQ counts down their nominations for the least effective figures of the 2012. Each of the 25 selected came up short this year, with failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney and child star Amanda Bynes topping their list.

8. Fast Track

Estonian design company Salto created a massive, 170-foot-long trampoline for the Archstoyanie art festival in Nikola-Lenivets, Russia. Open to the public, the exhilarating installation has inspired other potential applications, from sidewalk alternatives to new olympic events.


9. Vibrative Virtual Keyboard

Exposing an under-explored capability of the iPhone, Florian Kräutli is able to turn any surface into a keyboard with the built-in accelerometer. The phone detects the point of origin of a tap on the table and translates it to text through an application on Kräutli’s MacBook.

10. Nebula 12 Weather Station

Mimicking weather changes in real time, the Nebula 12 weather station prototype is a networked lamp that reenacts the daily forecast—literally—in the comfort of your own home. The Nebula can fill your living room with clouds on rainy days and shiny, yellow light when it’s sunny.

11. Misfit Shine

A new way to chart your movement is soon to come with Misfit Shine—an all-metal activity tracker so tiny you can wear it anywhere. Sync it with your phone by simply placing it on the screen and wear it for almost any activity, including swimming and cycling. The prototype is accepting donations via Indiegogo to reach production.

12. Braverobotics

Inventor Kenji Ishida’s Braverobotics ups the cultural fascination with robots by creating a Transformer-like remote control car that quickly turns into a vaguely adorable, moving robot equipped with missile launchers and more.