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Ruth Marshall


The highlight from Scope was undeniably Ruth Marshall and her acumen for craft-work combined with a nutty sense of humor. When the Australian born artist isn't at her day job sculpting exhibits at the Bronx Zoo, she's still committed to her love and fascination for animals. Presented by Dam, Stuhltrager, these knitted animal pelts are a delightful comment on both the trophy and the hunt. Says Ruth, "I want the objects to transfix people, to seduce them away from the mundane nature of the everyday world for a moment and captivate them." Mission accomplished– upon first glance I was shocked (and sadistically pleased) to see a cat pelt on a cork board. Upon realizing that one, and the other hides in the room, were intricately knitted creations I was instantly impressed. Another cat and a giant viper skin after the jump.






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