Steinway & Sons’ SpirioCast Expands the Boundaries of Piano Technology

Evolving the future of the piano industry, the historic brand unveils technology that allows a piano to play itself in time with live performances from renowned pianists

When Steinway & Sons launched their 2015 Spirio R piano, a high-resolution player piano with capture and playback capabilities, they stretched the boundaries of music technology. Now, their latest edition, SpirioCast (which includes a technology that will activate in all Spirio pianos worldwide later this month, with other models available for upgrades in 2022), pushes the limits of piano capabilities to unprecedented heights. Impressively revolutionizing …

Katia + Marielle Labèque: Paul is dying (by Philip Glass)

Legendary French sibling pianists Katia and Marielle Labèque breathe life into the stunning Philip Glass composition “Paul is dying (Part 1).” It’s the first synchronous taste of the duo’s highly anticipated album with Glass, Les enfants terribles (out 23 October). The release comes complete with a thoughtful video directed Ronan Day-Lewis, which extrapolates and embraces moments both human and element, and stars Lena Christakis and Rocco Rinaldi-Rose.

Joué’s Entry-Level Instrument for Musical Experimentation, Joué Play

Available on Kickstarter now, a multifunctional tool that renders music production more approachable

Previewed at this year’s CES (where we tested it), Joué‘s multifunctional instrument Joué Play is both easy to use and expressive. Comprised of a set of silicone pads and a board, it’s a stark contrast from the company’s complex modular MIDI controller, which debuted on Kickstarter three years ago. The designers found the MIDI less approachable for beginners and dabblers, as much of the software …