1980s Film Posters From Ghana

Bucking the stereotypical blockbuster movie posters, Ghanian artists during the ’80s created gorgeous and witty hand-painted versions. Taking the core ideas of each film and combining them with popular culture and “complex iconography,” the posters (many of which will be on display until 23 March at the Brunei Gallery) represented Ghana’s blossoming film industry. These posters are evidence of a heightened interest in seeing Western …

Typified’s Weather Poster

Using "smart ink," this oak-framed piece displays the forecast in real-time

Offering a little more design inspiration and cheer than apps and newspaper listings, Typified‘s Weather Poster (currently funding on Kickstarter) offers forecast updates in real-time. Equal parts art and pragmatism, this smart American oak-framed poster displays forecast updates daily—at 8AM, 12PM, 4PM, and again at 8PM. The updates occur as a tiny computer inside the piece stimulates the ink from within, resulting in a change on …

NASA’s Free Retro Mars Posters

NASA has taken a retro approach to promotion for its Journey to Mars program, and the results are enough to encourage you to sign up. Half recruitment posters, half travel advertising, the designs have an endearing, nostalgic vibe. Between NASA and Elon Musk, heading to Mars—once again—is at the forefront of our collective consciousness. You can download them all at mars.nasa.gov.