PWNT: Days in the Summer

From LA-based recording artist PWNT (aka Kosta Galanopoulos), the sunny single “Days in the Summer” exudes a bright psych-funk energy. The poolside-ready track will lead Galanopoulos’ debut solo album, also entitled Days in the Summer, out 25 June on Acrophase Records. It’s an exciting development for Galanopoulos, who’s honed his skills as a touring and recording musician for other acts. 

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Boom-bap, jazz-funk, psych-rock, dance remixes and more new music

Lido Pimienta: Coming Thru A standout track from Lido Pimienta’s Miss Colombia, “Coming Thru” reappears with an all-new music video made in collaboration with visual artist Orly Anan. Colorful fruits and fairytale figures crowd the set while choir vocals, woodwind instruments and rising synths form the minimal, but textured song. “The creatures next to me are acting as my conscience but most importantly, my sense …

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Emotive indie, psych-tinged R&B, a swirling remix and more new music from the week

Figmore: Black Velvet Figmore—the LA-based duo consisting of 10.4 ROG and JUICEB☮X—is poised to release their debut album Jumbo Street next week, and from it comes the insouciant “Black Velvet.” With spoken word and languid vocals from JUICEB☮︎X and production by 10.4 ROG, the tune contains elements of psych, indie, R&B and hip-hop—a sublime amalgamation that trails off into spacey bleeps and twinkling sound effects. …