Curtis Harding: Hopeful

Singer-songwriter and producer Curtis Harding releases his first new music in three years with the soulful protest anthem “Hopeful.” With an overarching message of triumph and hope, the song is textured and full, thanks to rich percussion, wah-wah guitar, gospel-meets-psychedelic-soul back-up vocals, horns, strings and Harding’s tender but decisive voice. The Atlanta-based artists says in a statement, “Darkness find us all, hope allows us the …

Steady Sun: Truth is a Needle

New York-based band Steady Sun’s sonically rich, retro-tinged single, “Truth is a Needle,” provides plenty of psychedelic elements and the Slack Barrett-directed video was designed to match. Floating from your sound system “like lysergic vapor” (record label Daptone Records writes), the song enthralls listeners with its many layers. Simultaneously something to delve into or zone out to, “Truth is a Needle” warrants repeat plays.

Listen Up

House music for those missing the sweaty dance floor, psych-tinged lounge, industrial electro-pop and more new music

Solomun: Home From Hamburg-based DJ and producer Solomun (aka Mladen Solomun), sweeping house track “Home” exists as an ode to the “sacred rooms” that were built for music. For those yearning for a sweaty, dark dance floor, this nostalgic and atmospheric banger offers some satisfaction—albeit in your own home. “The desire for it has never been greater. The desire to feel it, experience it, hear …