Bad Bunny + Bomba Estéreo: Ojitos Lindos

Simultaneously mellow and vibrant, “Ojitos Lindos” by Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunny (aka Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio) and Colombian duo Bomba Estéreo perfectly combines the styles of both. Imbued with tropical, psychedelic cumbia, reggaeton, latin and pop influences, the track (produced by Tainy) feels sun-drenched. “I’m really happy with this collaboration. It was a really fluid and natural conversation,” Bomba Estéreo’s vocalist Li Saumet says. “Benito has such a clear idea of what he wants, and he is open to explore new ideas without fears. I value that so much in an artist. I think it’s important that the alternative Latin music scene joins with the mainstream to make music and deliver our message and art together.”