The World’s Smallest, Remote-Controlled Walking Robot

Researchers at Northwestern University created a crab-shaped robot that is smaller than a flea, measuring just half a millimeter—making it the smallest-ever remote-controlled walking robot. The robot can bend, twist, crawl and leap, all without relying on complex hardware. Rather, the micro-robot’s movement utilizes an alloy that can “remember” shape when heated. Researchers point a laser beam at the robot to heat up several targeted …


A robot to clean your windows

We’ve all heard of Roomba, the frisbee-sized vacuum robot. Until recently we thought this slightly egregious piece of technology was the end-all-be-all of home cleaning innovation. Then we met Winbot. Made by Ecovacs Robotics—a company boasting 300-500 engineers on staff at any given time—the similarly-sized window cleaning robot uses multiple motors and an array of sensors to navigate any window, inside or out, without any …


Build your very own Scribbler—a drawing robot—with a simple circuit, switch, weighted motor, four markers and cardboard. Make it, turn it on and watch it frantically scribble!