Ultraísta: Tin King

Upbeat and infectious, “Tin King” by experimental rock band Ultraísta leans into house and electro influences. The band—comprising of Nigel Godrich, Joey Waronker, and Laura Bettinson—based the entirety of their forthcoming album, Sister, on improv sessions, recording bits and pieces and then addressing them in depth later. “Tin King” certainly feels like a product of improvisation, but the result is a calculated chaos that has …

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A posthumous single from Mac Miller, a live performance by Mykki Blanco, magnetic folk-pop melodies and more new music this week

Albon: Big Sur Theme The warm, folk-pop melody of LA-based singer-songwriter Albon’s “Big Sur Theme” evokes sun rays on the mountainous strip of Californian coast. Albon (aka Alexander B Lappin) wrote the song on a trip through the area and took inspiration from the orcas in the water beside. Woodwind instruments join strings and light percussion to build the beautiful soundscape, ribboned together by Lappin’s …

Wolf Parade: Julia Take Your Man Home

A third teaser from Wolf Parade’s forthcoming Thin Mind album, “Julia Take Your Man Home” gains sonic momentum with each passing note, as synths and percussion meaningfully collide. All the while, Wolf Parade vocalist (and musician) Spencer Krug tells a tale of toxic masculinity and its impact. Despite the gravity and theatricality of the track’s narrative, it’s also just a solid rock track.