Blondie: Against The Odds 1974-1982

Blondie: Against The Odds 1974-1982 is the first official archival box set of the iconic NYC band. It comes in five variations, but the Super Deluxe edition (limited to 500 copies) includes the most. It features the original line-up’s first six albums, plus four LPs full of outtakes, B-sides and demos. Additionally there’s a 10-inch with the 1975 Alan Betrock demo, a 45 featuring their …

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Chrissi: Lipo English singer-songwriter Chrissi released her debut EP, Back in The Day, last year and now shares “Lipo,” an ode to self-assurance, body positivity and ditching toxic men. On the laidback R&B track, she sardonically ponders changing one’s appearance to fit in with myopic, narrow beauty standards. The artist says in a statement, “I wrote ‘Lipo’ because I was upset with a guy who’s sexualized …

Pretty Sick: Black Tar

Last month, NYC-based outfit Pretty Sick released “Human Condition,” a frenetic, grungy single from their upcoming debut album, Makes Me Sick Makes Me Smile (out 30 September). Today, the indie-rock band shares a mellower side with the LP’s second single, “Black Tar.” Creeping forward on ’90s-leaning guitar riffs and dark lyrics about a toxic relationship, the track is a soft yet haunting listen.