Interview: Saltverk Founder Björn Steinar Jónsson

On the origins of Iceland's gourmet, hand-harvested sustainable sea salt

In a tiny facility within Iceland‘s remote Westfjords, Saltverk founder Björn Steinar Jónsson hand-harvests flaky salt from seawater using a sustainable method developed in the 17th century. Jónsson is one of the only salt-producers in Iceland today and the first to revive this 100% geothermal production method. He cares so much about sustainability that the brand also offsets their carbon footprint from product transportation by …

Destillare Basque Red Chili Salt

Rich, flavorful and undoubtedly spicy, Copper & Kings’ Destillare margarita salt is made from evaporated Pacific sea salt and Basque red chiles. The result is a textural ingredient that affords spiciness, a slight sweetness and unmatched complexity to any mixed drink.

Cacao Holic Salt

A blend of chocolate, cocoa nibs from Costa Rica, Himalayan salt and black pepper, Xocol’s Cacao Holic Salt accents dishes with a savory/sweet twist. Made in Kagoshima, Japan, the seasoning isn’t delicate; all of the components unite to amp of the flavor profile of whatever they’re added to.