Interview: Saltverk Founder Björn Steinar Jónsson

On the origins of Iceland's gourmet, hand-harvested sustainable sea salt

In a tiny facility within Iceland‘s remote Westfjords, Saltverk founder Björn Steinar Jónsson hand-harvests flaky salt from seawater using a sustainable method developed in the 17th century. Jónsson is one of the only salt-producers in Iceland today and the first to revive this 100% geothermal production method. He cares so much about sustainability that the brand also offsets their carbon footprint from product transportation by …

Jacobsen Salt Co. Licorice

A new take on the European classic features salt harvested from the Oregon coast and natural ingredients

To call salty licorice an acquired taste is an understatement. Even in Northern Europe, where salty licorice reigns supreme over the red Twizzlers variety, it’s still a polarizing treat. Upon returning from Scandinavia (and developing a taste for the salty delicacy), the crew at Tillamook, Oregon’s Jacobsen Salt Co. set out to create an American take on salty licorice in partnership with Portland candy-maker QUIN. …

Air Fuel Synthesis

Obama comics, iPhone pepper spray, the Hulkmobile and more in our weekly look at the web

For cab drivers and car owners affected by natural disasters, the future may hold a new way to conquer the scarcity of fuel. Air Fuel Synthesis, an energy company in the UK, focuses on the process of manufacturing synthetic fuel by converting carbon dioxide and water. Renewable fuel technology in time of crisis—Air Fuel Synthesis could be on to something crucial.