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Jacobsen Salt Co. Licorice

A new take on the European classic features salt harvested from the Oregon coast and natural ingredients


To call salty licorice an acquired taste is an understatement. Even in Northern Europe, where salty licorice reigns supreme over the red Twizzlers variety, it’s still a polarizing treat. Upon returning from Scandinavia (and developing a taste for the salty delicacy), the crew at Tillamook, Oregon’s Jacobsen Salt Co. set out to create an American take on salty licorice in partnership with Portland candy-maker QUIN. With salt harvested from the Oregon coast using traditional methods, Jacobsen’s take on salty licorice is a somewhat more approachable option than its European counterpart. With a short list of natural ingredients, the Oregon-made candy has robust notes of molasses and anise brought out further by a well-balanced portion of salt. Chewier and more viscous than the traditional variety with a more varied flavor palate, Jacobsen’s licorice might just make a few converts to this acquired taste.

Visit Jacobsen’s online store for a box of Oregon’s finest salty licorice starting at $15, as well as inventive salt flavors like Stumptown coffee and Pinot Noir made from salt harvested on the Oregon Coast.

Photos by Hans Aschim


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