Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Obama comics, iPhone pepper spray, the Hulkmobile and more in our weekly look at the web


1. Photography

Galleria Carla Sozzani’s newest exhibit, simply titled “Photography,” brings together a wide group of internationally renowned photographers from both fashion and fine art. The exhibition focuses on new works from prominent artists, including William Eggleston, Martin Parr, Ryan McGinley, Taryn Simon and more and runs through 18 November 2012.

2. Air Fuel Synthesis

For cab drivers and car owners affected by natural disasters, the future may hold a new way to conquer the scarcity of fuel. Air Fuel Synthesis, an energy company in the UK, focuses on the process of manufacturing synthetic fuel by converting carbon dioxide and water. Renewable fuel technology in time of crisis—Air Fuel Synthesis could be on to something crucial.

3. Nicolas Ghesquière leaves Balenciaga

After 15 years at Balenciaga, designer Nicolas Ghesquière announced his departure from the label. Known for his unexpected details and bold designs, the prodigal Ghesquière leaves behind a legacy at Cristóbal Balenciaga’s storied house. The Times celebrates Ghesquière’s successful tenure with a retrospective of some of his best editorials.

4. Adobe Creative Suite Ad

This week on Juxtapoz Magazine, Adobe presented an overlay advertisement that mimics the signature control bars and menu panels of Adobe Muse. Taking advantage of cutting edge HTML, the ad—created by marketing agency Euro—imitates the process that would be taken to create a Juxtapoz web page in the design program.


5. FocusMaker

Designed for amateur photographers and professionals alike, the FocusMaker represents a new generation of follow focus devices. Launched this month, the FocusMaker makes it simple to pinpoint focus when shooting and filming. The new machine promises commercial-quality video without the need for any additional steadying equipment. At just $89, the best part about the FocusMaker might be its affordability.

6. Saltscapes

Inspired by the death of his sister, Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto uses sea salt to construct large-scale landscapes reminiscent of Tibetan sand mandalas. In a video interview with The Avant/Garde Diaries, Yamamoto talks about his unique process and what drew him to salt.

7. Spraytect Pepper Spray Phone Case

Spraytect puts personal safety at the forefront of their production with the release of the Spraytect Pepper Spray Phone Case. A two-in-one device, the iPhone carrier can fire mace at an attacker and then call 911 for help. The Spraytect Pepper Spray Phone Case is available online for $40.

8. America: Elect!

Following the re-election of US President Barack Obama, The Guardian sums up politics from across the pond in this web-based graphic novel. Scrolling down the page animates the short version of the past 12 arduous campaign months full of party pandering, Internet memes and political gaffes.


9. TJ Brand Snowboard Design

Looking to the past for inspiration, Tokyo-based TJ Brand shapes snowboards with split tails, pointed noses and a 3D convex base for quick turning. A short film from Transworld Snowboarding explores the guiding design tenets, which follow surf culture and focus on fluid boards that provide an energy-efficient ride.

10. Masturbation Collaboration

Specializing in sex toys, Tokyo based TENGA is creatively enhancing a male masturbation aid they call Deep Throat by partnering with celebrated brands like Opening Ceremony and Married to the Mob on the design of the skin. These clever collaborations make Deep Throat a surprisingly unique gift and will be available 1 December 2012 for $10.

11. Hulkmobile

In spite of several US states voting to legalize recreational marijuana this week, the war on drugs continues, as do the spoils of repossession. The FBI is auctioning off a green, Hulk-themed Chevy Caprice with scissor doors, a hydraulic hood and 30-inch wheels that was taken during a 500-pound marijuana bust earlier this year. The starting bid has been quoted at $49,000, and the online auction will continue through Monday.

12. Like Art in Schools

In a refreshing new way to donate art towards educational programs, encourages audiences to visit their website and participate in the Like Art in Schools promotion. Selected schools suffering setbacks or possible closure are featured with a gallery of artworks they’d like to have in their classrooms. All you have to do is view each school’s gallery, learn their story, choose your favorite artworks and vote.